Sunday, August 5, 2007

Random Sunday Thoughts (mostly practice reports though)

As this is the news of the day/ are the links to all the reports from yesterday:

  • As always, Gabe D from Powermizzou had great information here
  • Dave Matter from the Columbia Tribune has good stuff in his blog here (including an updated roster), and then writes about Chase Daniel spending time with Joe Montana here
  • Some nice info from the AD on here, including some interesting news on how the Mike Vick incident actually affects Mizzou Football.
  • A few interesting tid-bits from the Missourian here
  • No practice report from the KC Star, but Mike D with a piece on frosh Derrick Washington here:
  • STL P-D and Graham Watson working hard with a story here, and a blog entry here
  • And last but not least, our friend Jeff E from insidemizzou filed this report here
  • Some MU Baseball related here info from a poster at Powermizzou...the pitching is looking SICK for next season
OK....and for my random thoughts...

I started paying attention to the TV last night after the wife and I had finished hosting a birthday party for her father. The Cardinal game had been on for the duration (and let me tell you how HILARIOUS I find their pitching situation to be where Aaron Miles and Scott Spezio are their two best pitchers and they keep throwing rejects up there (Maroth, Piniero) to no avail.) but then FoxSports broke their postgame coverage to show that Barry Bonds had hit #755 against San Diego. We flipped over to ESPN at that point to see no fewer than 12 replays of it, and left the game on while we finished cleaning up.

ESPN showed Bud Selig's (non) reaction to the home run...fine. Bud had already nearly screwed up an already screwed up situation by never committing to be there when Bonds was going to break the record. Later, the ESPN announcers mentioned they had extended an invitation for Selig...who was still in the come into the broadcast booth to talk about Bonds....and he declined.

So here are my thoughts. continue to prove you are dumber than I could possibly think.

Bud was asleep at the wheel while MLB'ers loaded up on steroids. His inactivity basically created the situation we are in today where one of the most hallowed records will, for now (and let's be honest, A-Rod is going to be picking up a LOT more fans in the coming years unless Jose Canseco's next book is......sorry....I could not type all of that out without laughing) be tainted. You then bring more bad press to yourself by playing your little cat and mouse game of will you or won't you be on hand. And then you pull that last night with ESPN.... are the commissioner. You led the game into this position. You now need to go before everyone else, put your "Baseball is fine" smile on and talk it up. You don't have to go overboard on how GREAT the occasion is (or is not), but you do need to speak to the historical nature and moment that has occurred. You get one more shot at this when Bonds breaks the record, more than likely at home, this week. My will screw that up as well. Prove me wrong.