Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mizzou Links, 8-16-07

Not sure there's anything left to link to after yesterday's Posting Armageddon!!!!, but I'll see what I can find...

  • Practice reports! Practice reports! Practice Reports! Practice reports! The way Graham Watson talks, Carl Gettis getting PT is a foregone conclusion. Not surprising, but I hadn't seen that level of confirmation yet. So I guess that means it's Gettis, Lambert, and Keck (assuming health there...not a given) will likely play, and the door's still open (at least a bit) for Derrick Washington and Gilbert Moye. With the relative health of the RB's (or lack thereof), it wouldn't surprise me if Washington played. Moye, on the other hand...doubtful.
  • Dave Matter has a lovely feature on Danario "100-inch vertical" Alexander.
  • Okay, now I'm getting annoyed. The Missourian has a feature on Greg Bracey and mentions "Greg Bracey: Res Hall Linebacker"...but I can't find the frickin' thing online anywhere. Somebody help me out here??
  • Steve Walentik catches up with Demarre Carroll, while the P-D talks about Scott Suggs' decision to go to Washington.
  • Ivan Maisel's strange CFB preview is up...I can never tell if he's talented and witty or just weird. Nevermind...Martellus Bennett is his All-American TE. I know which category he's in now. Seriously, people, stop making me diss Bennett. He really is solid. He might even be in in the Top 5 in the country at his position. But he's also the #3 TE in his own conference. I'm sorry Coffman and Rucker were only 3-star recruits, but they're better. Live it. Love it. Do 5 seconds of research.
  • Lots of interesting Big 12 material at this Sunday Morning QB post...Dan Hawkins tells Gary Pinkel, "I'll see your 'cancel practice and go to the movies' and raise you one 'cancel practice and go play paintball'...Texas fans are a bit obsessive about last year's ATM loss...Jeremy Nethon is back at OSU...which is funny, because I didn't know he'd left...
  • In anticipation of tonight's B&G Game, the Trib previews 2007 MU volleyball.
  • And finally, this isn't sports-related, but...Aquafina comes from the Missouri River???? EWWWWWWW...