Friday, August 17, 2007

Mizzou Links, 8-17-07

Pop quiz (hot shot): so it's about 6:45 on Thursday evening...the wife and I have finished dinner and are trying to figure out what to do with our evening (other than watching Scrubs reruns). The wife says "Hey...what night is the volleyball Black & Gold Game? That sounds like fun." What curse word immediately erupts from my mouth?

a) The f-bomb.
b) The s-word.
c) The good old reliable G-D.
d) All of the above, plus random grumbles throughout the rest of the evening.

If you said (d), you are correct, sir!

  • That's right, after promoting the volleyball team almost daily for most of the last week or so, I got my evenings (or weeks...or months...something) mixed up and missed last night's Volleyball Black & Gold Game. Luckily, over 1,000 people weren't idiots and showed up for a good time. Looking at the relatively confusing box score (players played for both teams), it appears Na Yang (41 kill attempts, .190 kill %) and Julianna Klein (36 attempts, .278) were the main focus of the offense, while freshman Weiwen Wang (30 attempts, .367) and Amanda Hantouli (20 attempts, .700!!) had the best evenings. The two setters--returning starter Lei Wang (31 assists, 5 digs) and JUCO transfer Luiza Jarocka (28 assists, 4 digs) had extremely similar evenings.
  • Oh, and for the record, one's attack % (or kill %) is (Kills - Attack Errors)/Attempts. For example, Na Yang had 14 kills, 6 errors, 42 attempts. (14-6)/42 = .190. I only explain this because it took me a while to figure it out. However, from the pop quiz above you can see that I'm slow sometimes.
  • In non-volleyball news (if there is such a thing), Jeff Ermann has some fantastic analysis of the Scott Suggs commitment to Washington. Fluky circumstances (i.e. a decade-long relationship with Romar) doomed always seems like the fluky circumstances work against Mizzou, doesn't it? Oh well, I guess. Anderson will come through in the long-term, I'm relatively confident in that...
  • Oh Dave Matter has a good article about defensive backups and their last attempts to prove themselves, and he comes through with two solid practice reports. So does Gabe Dearmond, while Graham Watson fits everything into one report. She also comes through with a solid Martin Rucker feature. Great expectations indeed.
  • Finally, I always feel a bit uneasy when I agree wholeheartedly with Jason Whitlock, but...I agree wholeheartedly with Jason Whitlock regarding the Rutgers lawsuit (I have no opinion on the Ball State issue...hadn't even heard anything about it). Granted, he's much more of an ass in saying it than I would be, but nonetheless...this lawsuit is late and crazy...and Rutgers completely forfeits the high ground. A shame.