Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mizzou Links, 8-23-07

  • I'll admit it: I didn't see this coming. Gettis? Yes. Lambert? Yes. Moye? Maybe. Gachkar?? Not a clue in the world. covers the news too. With his speed, it's not altogether surprising that he'd be fantastic on kickoff coverage, but still...surprised me a bit. I never really gave him a chance...just figured he would need to put on about 15 pounds before having a chance. Pinkel's attitude toward redshirts definitely took a 180 beginning in 2005, and I'm not totally sure what to think. Guess it's okay as long as we recruit somebody just as good to replace them in 2011, and it really might be a sign that the program is in better shape--they don't have to hoard every resource as long as humanly possible. We'll see. Pinkel will decide on the other borderline players after today's scrimmage. Not surprisingly, Dave Matter has some pretty solid analysis.
  • Got any questions for Lorenzo Williams?
  • Today's feature stories: Dave Matter takes on giant and former walk-on Colin Brown, while the Missourian takes on Tommy Chavis. “Winning is No. 1 and if we are winning the sacks will come eventually." Maybe, Tommy, but if the sacks come, the winning might be easier. Meanwhile, Mike Dearmond goes after "The Chosen One," Mr. Temple. Can't he going for 'stoic' or 'regal' in that picture?
  • Inside Mizzou talks to Mizzou commit Steve Moore about...well, Mizzou commit Marcus Denmon. Meanwhile, Steve Walentik interviews Denmon.
  • has a nice preview of this weekend's volleyball season-opening Magnolia Classic.
  • Also: "NCAA Taking Academic Reform Seriously."
  • And finally, GOOD FREAKING LORD. Pretty sure my Pirates didn't score 39 runs in June. By the way, Orioles...don't think I'm not noticing what you're doing. You will not steal the Pirates' claim to "Most Hopeless Franchise," so stop trying. Next thing you know, they'll be passing up a Ryan-Howard-for-Kris-Benson trade or something...