Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Big 12 Round Table

Alright, this has made its way to Sanity...guess that means we’re official Big 12 Bloggers now, huh? (Any other Sanity posters who want to contribute in comments, feel free. I’ll get the ball rolling...)

Pick a team (other than the one you blog about) from the north and south divisions and explain why they may be the best team in the division.

There’s always room for a surprise, I guess, but considering the current state of Iowa State, Colorado, Kansas, and Kansas State, you have to consider the North a two-team race this year. And being that my team is Mizzou, I guess that means I have to pick Nebraska. Why? Look at the other four teams.

As for the South...OSU and ATM could both be darkhorses, but their road schedules will prevent them from will Texas Tech’s front seven. That leaves, of course, UT and OU. I go back and forth on them, so let’s look at things this way:

RB: OU (though this one’s a tossup)
WR/TE: OU (simply because they’re healthy...otherwise, tossup)
Special Teams: OU
Coaching: OU

That’s a 6-3 advantage for OU. So naturally I’m picking UT. I trust my own predictive abilities that much.

If the Big 12 Conference had a Heisman trophy candidate who would it be and why?

I guess Colt McCoy. Chase Daniel will put up bigger numbers, and there’s at least some chance that Mizzou has a really really good year, but Texas is more likely to be at the top of the polls in December, and that obviously means a lot.

If you had to place a $100.00 bet on a current Big 12 head coach being fired at the end of the season who would you pick and why?

Guy Morriss’ house is for sale already. No contest.

The one non-conference game, not involving your school, you would pay money to see would be?

My sense of morbid curiosity makes me think KSU-Auburn might be a good one to watch, simply because I’m an MU fan and enjoy watching KSU get pummeled. But from a sheer entertainment standpoint, OU-Miami will be a lot of fun, as will ATM-Miami. Plus there would be the draw of watching a game (OSU-UGa) Between the Hedges...but I’ll go with OU-Miami, simply because I grew up in Oklahoma in the ‘80s, and this reminds me of those games.

Which of the four Big 12 schools currently ranked in the AP Top 25 doesn't belong there?

Technically Nebraska did lose the “Offensive Player of the Year” and have a rough schedule, so they’re probably the least deserving, but that doesn’t mean they’re not actually deserving. Besides, I want them ranked as high as possible come October 6—it’ll be that much more fun beating them that way. All four of them deserve to be there, though due to ATM’s brutal schedule, I’ll be impressed if they’re there at the end of the season.

Make a case for one of the 8 Big 12 schools not ranked as to why they should be.

Well, the obvious choice is Mizzou, and they almost are, but I’m a homer, so I’ll avoid that argument. I’ll say OSU. Their defense will be at least marginally improved, and their offense is the most explosive in the conference. They can go three-and-out for four straight possessions, then rip off three straight 70-yard TD’s. They should be a lot of fun to watch this year. Too bad (for them) they’re not in the North Division.

Prediction Time:
Tell us the offensive and defensive players who are going to make the biggest impact on the conference this season.


Biggest numbers: Chase Daniel or Graham Harrell
Best pro prospect: Adarius Bowman
Best newcomer: Demarco Murray or (gag) Sam Keller
Could make difference between good season and great: Jamaal Charles, Marlon Lucky, Tony Temple, Michael Goodson
Most overrated: Martellus Bennett. Sorry. I'm not letting this one go just yet.


Biggest numbers: Alvin Bowen (tackles), Ian Campbell (sacks)
Best pro prospect: Frank Okam
Best newcomer: just because I love his name, Tang Bacheyie
Could make difference between good season and great: Bo Ruud (he was fantastic in about 3-4 games last year, disappeared entirely in others), Stryker Sulak, Chris Collins
Most overrated: Until he brings it every game, Bo Ruud.