Monday, August 27, 2007

Mizzou Links 8-27-07

The Boy is in Baltimore for a few I get to use this space to say happy 3 month anniversary to my wife ;-)

  • Mizzou soccer completes its preseason schedule (albeit two days late) with a 1-1 road tie at St. Louis University. After crushing Indiana 5-0 in the first preseaon contest, Mizzou needed a late goal to get the tie. Read all about it from here:
  • More stuff from especially for The Boy...but a schedule change to the upcoming home volleyball tournament is posted here:
  • Sanity friend Dave Matter with a nice piece here about Coach Pinkel and his, shall we say, ever evolving red-shirt plan
  • Also from Dave...did you know there was such a thing as a seven year ditch?
  • From the KC Star....I dont even know what to say about these glasses on Lo Williams
  • A couple of nice pieces from Graham Watson and the STL P-D in their Sunday edition on it and the other on the offensive line. The entire section can be viewed in pieces here: (and get it while you can since it seems the P-D is going to be cutting back a bit on coverage)