Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Musings

So, I suppose in my own effort to keep up with The Boy and Atch...I figured I would try to start a weekly thing for myself, if for no other reason to compell me to write more here. I will try to use it each Monday to go over my thoughts on the week that was in ALL Mizzou Sports (sort of like my all-sports report from back in the day). And of week's will be on Tuesday since I don't work on the holidays :-)

It is game week for Mizzou Football, and the excitement is slowly building. Truth be told, summer is my least favorite season. Not a big fan of the heat, and not a big fan of only one sport (baseball). We have covered the pre-season and the hype, so no need to go back over that. And I am not big into prediction pieces, so I will just say from what I have read, the offense of Illinois does not scare me all that much, and I believe our defense will show better in this game than people think. Not that I am EVER a betting man on anything Mizzou, but the 5 to 5.5 points here seems VERY inviting, as I think we win by 17+ points.

Volleyball got off to a decent start this past weekend down in Oxford, MS at the Magnolia Classic. TWO five-set matches in about 18 hours had to be tough, but the ladies showed some gumption in the second of the two to pull out the win. Weiwen Wang had a great debut, but the ladies will need better production from Amandan Hantoulli and likely better team digging production (Tatum Ailes not withstanding) to improve on last year's effort. Home tourney this weekend.

Finally for today, the soccer team. Not worth repeating what life of nine Bryan Blitz is on, but as they typically do, the ladies have looked good to start the season. SLU was an NCAA team last year, and to play them in STL and tie them is a nice, however uncounted finish. The team has zero seniors....ZERO. I guess that likely buys the coach another year if this year does not turn out positive, but we shall see...they open with Illinois. Remember last year Mizzou tore through their non-con....will see how it goes this year.

Short report for this Monday...have a great week everyone.