Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mizzou Sanity, 8-22-07

  • So it's hard for me to think any higher of Dave Matter now that he's pointed me to a fun stat nerd website, I expect to have some fun with this one before the season starts.
  • Practice reports! Here's Dave Matter, telling us about Jeremy Maclin's emergence. Here's Graham Watson, telling us about the injured RB's...a hint that Derrick Washington might be on the field in 2007. Here's Gabe Dearmond, telling us that Washington took some snaps with the first team.
  • Speaking of true freshmen, the Missourian has a profile of Gilbert Moye, who's apparently moving up the ranks in the safety rotation. Not sure what I feel about him playing this year.
  • It's Like Father Unlike Son time! Woohoo! God bless family bickering...
  • So apparently Marshall Brown was playing with a pelvic fracture toward the end of last season?? Ouch. Meanwhile, here's the Trib's article about Marcus Denmon and Zaire Taylor.
  • Well, it was only an exhibition, but a 5-0 win for Mizzou soccer over Indiana is better than a 5-0 loss, right? For the record, Indiana went 9-7-4 last year. I'll wait to get my hopes up, but this is nice.
  • And finally...Nolan Richardson shouts "Rapido!" My sense of morbid curiosity had a lot of fun watching that crazy old man rooting for Mizzou last year, so in return I will now root for finish 2nd, anyway.