Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mizzou Links, 9-20-07

  • It's mid-week, so you know what that's Cut to the Chase time!
  • Graham Watson gets to know Illinois State. Meanwhile, it sounds like Illinois State RB Parrish Fisher might dislike Ron Prince more than I do!
  • Read enough about Jeremy Maclin yet? I didn't think so. (See Mike Dearmond's Vlog for more.)
  • The Trib has a nice story (complete with a giant front page picture in the paper version) on spread QB's like Chase Daniel, Colt Brennan, and Graham Harrell, and their trying to debunk the "product of the system" myth.
  • has a nice feature on late Tiger great Clay Cooper.
  • In football recruiting news, Jeff Ermann at Inside Mizzou gives you a freebie: a story about Mizzou's building interest in New York QB James Brady. Meanwhile, according to Power Mizzou it looks like Raytown DE Aldon Smith will be in town for the MU-NU game.
  • Here's the official recap of last night's volleyball heartbreaker. The Missourian's recap is a little less disappointed and a little more critical. I was being nice last night with the "KU won with its defense" line...they also won because MU made a lot of errors...which I guess is better because it's relatively fixable.
  • Meanwhile, Mizzou Women's Basketball has announced its official 2007-08 schedule. A rather ho-hum affair, though I do enjoy that they get to play in three tournaments. Tournaments are always better than cupcake games, even if the tournaments have nothing but cupcakes in them. They are.
  • Do you smell the greatness? That's right...Brad Smith's got an official website.
  • And finally, Sunday Morning QB celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day the only way he knows how: YARRRR, it's Cap'n Leach! (As always with Cap'n Leach, I'll simply mention that I love that he's in our conference, and I love that he's not my team's coach.)