Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Big Ten Conference Talk...

This time, it comes from Stewart Mandel of and he doesn't mention MU. But, Bill has this thing for the Big Ten, so I thought I'd mention it.

In his article, Mandel talks about the perfect match that is the Big Ten and Notre Dame. And, he has a lot of strong points. It is no longer 1988 when there were 25 indepedent D-1 football programs. Notre Dame needs the help that being able to play a weak non-conference schedule at the start of the season against the service academies would provide.

While the Big Ten does not need to add Notre Dame to legitimize the conference, but it's new cable network sure could use the help. As Mandel says, even just having a couple of Notre Dame road games each season would probably get the Big Ten Network on cable networks outside of the Great Lakes and the Northeast.

Does it happen? Probably not. But, I think it has a far better chance than the Big Ten welcoming in any other school in the near future.